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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
19 years old. College freshman at Iowa State University. Artist, writer, video game player, YouTube watcher.
SO. I've been gone for a bit. Basically, here's what's been going on, what's happening now, and what's coming up.

What's Been Going On

I recently finished my senior year of high school, and let me tell you, it was a complete s**t-storm. During my first semester, I was bombarded with work for my AP European History class and AP 2D Design class (in other words, an advanced art class for college credit, or living hell as I call it), as well as work at the daycare. I had outlines and reading to do every night for my history class, I had 24 pieces of art to make that took me till the end of the school year (right down to the wire), and I worked every day at the daycare, which working with 2 year old's takes a lot out of you. Finally in the beginning of May, I left my job and was done with the art class. I graduated at the end of May, and it was very relieving.

What's Happening Now

Now, I've been trying to get things together for college. I'm attending Iowa State University this fall, and have been trying to get everything I need for my dorm and just planning things. It's a process. I'm also babysitting my cousins. I have been finding time to make some more art, after my burnout during the school year.

What's Coming Up

College, college, college. That's really the only thing that's coming up. Like I said, I'll be attending Iowa State University this fall at their College of Design to (hopefully) study Graphic Design. I don't know how much I'll be updating throughout college because of their first year college core program, which is going to be hectic. I've already seen what I'm in for, believe me.

Right now, I'll try to update more and I'll start putting up some photos of some of my work that I've done in this past year. Not all at once of course, but I'll start getting some of it up. Hopefully I'll start being more consistent, but we'll see.

Stay tuned for more!
  • Reading: Red Queen
  • Watching: Property Brothers
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Blue Moon Festival (Willow and Hikaku)
I really wanted to redraw the first Blue Moon picture I made 2 years ago, especially since their ship name is Lunar (because water and shadow magic is from moon magic). So I thought it'd be cute X3

Hikaku: :iconclowthepinkest:
Willow: me
Because they're cute and adorable lol.

Anyway, this is the photo that was mentioned in the Valentines shot story, that Willow had taken at the homecoming dance of the 2 of them together.

Hikaku: :iconclowthepinkest:
Willow: me

    The gang was back again having lunch. It was Thursday, February 12th, and that special day was all that was being talked about. Sanshain and Ash were beating around the bush about whether they'd go out for dinner or not. Luana was looking forward to the day after, where all of the chocolate would be on sale. Lavi was muttering to herself about how she needed to make sure to get enough valentine cards for everyone. Even Jessica was talking about going to visit her boyfriend, Rikan, and surprise him. 

    Meanwhile, Willow sat quietly by herself, picking at her food as she listened to the happy conversations around her. She and Hikaku weren't technically a couple, and neither of them had discussed actually doing anything on the day.

    "Oi, Willow. Did you hear what I asked you?" Lavi's voice broke through Willow's thoughts and she looked up.

    "Sorry, what did you say Lavi?"

    "I asked what you were going to be doing for Valentine's Day?" She repeated, leaning in slightly so she could hear every word, as did Sanshain. "Are you and Hikaku finally going on a date?" Lavi asked, excitement in her voice. Willow shook her head.

    "Sorry Lavi, but no. I'm actually going to be gone all day tomorrow and part of Saturday for a gymnastics meet," she replied, picking at her food again. Ash nodded. Lavi looked disappointed.

    "Why hasn't he asked you yet?" She grumbled.

    "Well, he's been sick for the last few days," Sanshain told her. "I'm sure Valentine's Day is the last thing on his mind at the moment."

    "Still, he could at least text her."

    "Have you ever seen him text? He can't even call someone without messing up the number three times," Sanshain huffed.

    "Good point," Lavi sighed. "I'm sorry, Willow." Willow shook her head.

    "It's fine. It's not like I've never spent Valentine's Day alone before, and I'm okay with that."

    "Are you sure?" Ash asked. "I remember when you broke up with Haru. Valentine's Day was never your day for three years until Hikaku showed up." Willow was about to reply when the bell rang, signifying that lunch was over. Saved by the bell, Willow thought as she stood up and picked up her tray, as did everyone else. Sanshain leaned over to Willow and whispered,

    "I'm sure he's thinking of you, though. I've seen him look at the picture you took of you two together more than once on his phone." Willow gave her a questioning look.

    "I thought you said he could barely use his phone."

    "He made sure he would always remember how to get to his pictures on his phone," she replied before dumping her tray. She gave Willow a quick hug. "Good luck at your gymnastics meet!" She cheered before hurrying to get to her next class. Willow smiled slightly, remembering that picture she had taken of the two of them during homecoming. She shook herself from her thoughts and hurried to her next class.

    After classes were done for the day, Willow was on her way to her locker to pick up her coat and drop off a few things she wouldn't be needing for the weekend, when all of a sudden she heard her name being called. She turned and saw that it was Mr. Genevieve, Hikaku and Sanshain's adoptive father.

    "Yes, Mr. Genevieve?" She said, stopping and turning to him. He simply smiled at her and handed her an envelope.

    "This is for you. Don't open this until before your final routine on Saturday, okay?" Willow was confused but nodded anyway. Mr. Genevieve walked away, leaving her to stare at the envelope in her hands. It was plain in color, a simple cream envelope, and had no other remarkable qualities to it. She flipped it over and her heart skipped a beat. There, in the center of the envelope was written in familiar handwriting a familiar nickname. Neko chan. The nickname that only Hikaku calls her by. She was both curious and nervous to know what it said inside, but she figured she might as well wait like she was instructed to do.

    Willow continued to her locker, spinning her combination with ease and popping it open, only to have a couple of valentine cards to fall out. She put her books she was carrying into her locker, holding onto the envelope as she bent down and picked up all the cards. Flipping through them, a grin grew on her face. They were all cards signed by her friends, wishing her good luck and happy Valentine’s Day. Willow put all the cards, including the one from Hikaku, into her backpack along with a few textbooks for homework. She grabbed her jacket and shut her locker, turning and leaving the school.

Later that night…

    Willow sighed as she entered her hotel room, locking the door behind her and tossing her duffle bag and backpack to the side. Holly and she had finally made it into the town the gymnastics meet was being held, later than they should have because of all the traffic. Willow walked further into the room and flopped down onto the bed. She closed her eyes and laid in complete silence, taking the time to focus on her breathing and her heart rate, only to be interrupted by the ringing of the room phone. She sighed and sat up, leaning over to the bedside table and picking up the phone, putting it to her ear.

    “Hello?” she answered, wondering who was calling her.

    “Hello, Miss Willow. This is Malia at the front desk. We just got delivered something that’s addressed to you. Would you like to come down and pick it up, or would you like us to bring it up?” the voice asked. Willow raised an eyebrow, wondering what on earth it could be. “Miss?” the voice piped up again, breaking Willow from her thoughts. She shook her head and answered,

    “If you could bring it up, that would be wonderful.”

    “Very well, miss. Someone will be up shortly with your package,” the voice replied. “Have a good rest of your night,” the voice said before hanging up the phone. Willow put the phone back onto the receiver and rolled over onto her back on the bed, rubbing her eyes. Soon, she heard someone knock on her door and she got up and walked over to the door. She unlocked it and opened it up, finding herself face to face with a vase of brilliant red roses- her favorite flower. She couldn’t see who was holding the vase, but whoever it was quickly passed the vase off to her and tore off down the hall and out of sight. Willow was stunned for a moment, staring at the flowers she was now holding before she finally shook herself out of her daze. She peeked out into the hallway, but whoever brought them up were long gone.

    “Huh,” she said quietly to herself. “Interesting.” She kicked her door shut and walked over to the bedside table, setting the vase down. She looked at the arrangement for a card to see who had sent it, but there wasn’t any, or rather there was one but it was blank. “Who on earth sent me these?” she murmured, smelling the flowers. It wasn’t Haru, she thought. Haru always delivers them himself. She sighed and got ready for bed before crawling under the covers and falling asleep.


The Next Day…

            Willow was warming up in the gymnasium, stretching her arms and legs out, wearing her jacket and sweatpants over her leotard. It was the first day of the meet, which would be starting in the next half hour. She had a total of three events today: the vault, the uneven bars, and the balance beam. She knew her routines like the back of her hand but executing it was a completely different thing. Her thoughts then traveled to the card Hikaku had sent her. She had followed Genevieve’s instructions and hadn’t opened the card yet, though she really wanted to. She was dying to know what was inside. Holly nudged her, breaking her out of her thoughts as Holly put a water bottle in her hands.

            “Here, you need to be drinking water,” she told her. “And, you need to be focusing. I can tell your mind is going elsewhere,” she continued, crossing her arms. Willow didn’t answer, gulping down some of the water. “It’s a boy, isn’t it?” Again, Willow didn’t answer, gulping down even more water. “It’s not Haru, is it? You wouldn’t do that with him again, would you?” Willow pulled the bottle from her lips and sighed, setting the water bottle down onto the floor by her gym bag

            “Alright, fine. It’s a boy, but no, it is absolutely not Haru,” Willow told her, unzipping her jacket and taking it off, tossing it onto the chair. Her leotard was a deep blue with sequins along the sleeves, around her shoulders and then trailing down the bodice. “You don’t know who it is Holly, and I’m not telling you either,” she told her, sitting on the chair to pull her sweatpants off.

            “Where’s the fun in that?” Holly asked, shaking her head. “Anyway, get him out of your head. You need to be focusing right now.” Willow sighed, standing up and stretching her arms out.

            “I know, I know. Like you always say, unnecessary thoughts distract you from the goal,” Willow said, repeating Holly’s mantra that she’s been told nearly every day.

            “Exactly, now let’s get going to your first event,” Holly told her, patting her on the shoulder and leading her to the vault.


            The day was soon done, and Willow was exhausted. She had done alright for the day’s events, having scored a 14 on the vault and a 15 on the uneven bars and balance beam. She entered her hotel room and collapsed onto her bed, wanting nothing more than to sleep the rest of the day away. After lying in bed for fifteen minutes, though, she quickly figured that she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep anytime soon. She turned over and looked at her bedside table, where she had left the vase of flowers and the card from Hikaku. Thinking about Genevieve’s instructions, she realized he never really specified how long to wait before her final event to open it. Sitting up, she reached over and grabbed the envelope. She barely began tearing it open when her phone began ringing. Looking over, she saw it was Hikaku. How did he know? She thought, smiling a little and grabbing her phone. She hit answer and put her phone up to her ear.

            “I was just about to open your card when you called. Are you spying on me?” Willow asked, smiling.

            “Well, I need to make sure you’re not getting into any trouble when I’m not there,” he responded. She could hear him teasing her in his voice. “And don’t open it yet. Save it for tomorrow.” Willow sighed.

            “Why do you tease me like that? I could just open it anyway and not tell you.”

            “Well, you just did tell me. You literally just told me what you’re going to do,” Hikaku pointed out. Willow laughed a little before tossing the card back onto the bedside table.

            “Alright fine, Cat Boy,” Willow said, smiling even more. “I’ll just have to use my imagination then.” They ended up talking on the phone for a few good hours until it was late at night and Willow was even more tired.

            “I should be going. I have my last event tomorrow that I need to rest for,” Willow finally said.

            “I wish I could be there to see it. I’ll have to go to one of your meets sometime,” Hikaku said.

            “You’d probably get bored during it.”

            “Not when you’ll be performing.” Willow blushed a little at that, suddenly glad that they weren’t in the same room.

            “That was very smooth,” she told him.

            “Thanks, I tried this time,” he replied, chuckling a bit. They were both quiet for a moment, neither of them sure who should say goodbye first. “Well, sleep well, Neko-chan. Good luck tomorrow.”

            “Thanks, and good night to you too, Cat Boy,” she told him, before slowly hanging up the phone. She sat there for a moment, feeling very happy after that conversation. She crawled under the covers and snuggled in, falling asleep very quickly.


The Next Day…

            Willow was sitting on a chair in the gymnasium, her knee bouncing anxiously as she stared down at the card. She hadn’t opened it yet, and she was nervous to do so. Suddenly, the card was snatched from her hands. Willow’s head snapped up to see Holly holding it and beginning to open it up.

            “No, Holly!” she protested, jumping up to try and take it back from her, but Holly simply moved it further away from her. She opened it up entirely and pulled the card out, flipping it open. “Holly, that is private. Give it back,” Willow pleaded. Holly smiled and handed it to her.

            “You had nothing to be worried about. Now hurry up and read it, it’s almost time for you to do your floor exercise,” Holly told her, crossing her arms and walking away towards the stage. Willow stared at her before finally looking down at the card in her hands. She took a deep breath and finally opened it up.


I’m excited to see your performance today. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful doing it. You’re amazing at everything you do, and I’m so lucky that you’re in my life.

                        Love you, and Happy Valentine’s Day,

                                    Cat Boy.

P.S. Look at the front row bleachers to at the south end of the gym.”


            Willow’s breath caught in her throat, quickly looking up in that direction of the gym, her eyes scanning the front row. Her eyes settled on a group of people and a smile grew on her face. It was all her friends and family: Lavi, Luana, Jessica, Rikan, Rei, Sanshain, her parents, Hana and Ash. And there, in the middle of them all, leaning against the railing in front of the bleachers, was Hikaku. Their eyes met and he smiled and waved, as did everyone else. They even started cheering, loud enough over the speaker for her to hear. She smiled and waved back to them.

            “Willow, you’re up!” Holly called, standing by the stairs up to the mat. Willow quickly put the card onto the chair that was by her and kicked off her sweatpants and jacket before running over to Holly. She went up the stairs and took her place on the mat, getting into position and waiting for the music to start. Before the music even started, she could hear her heart beating in her ears.

    Once it began, it was like a blur. It was like her body moved by itself to the music. Her heart was beating so loud in her ears she could barely hear the music, but that didn’t matter. She knew this routine like the back of her hand, and evidently, it showed. Every flip, spin, tumble, and landing in the routine she knew and hit, only bouncing once on a landing. As soon as it had begun, it was over. Willow was smiling and breathing hard, having performed the hardest and strongest she had ever performed. She could hear all her family and friends cheering and clapping, Hikaku being the loudest out of all of them. Willow quickly left the mat so the next person could go up, immediately being greeted with a hug from Holly.

    “That was fantastic, Willow! You’ve never done so well on that ever!” she exclaimed, leading her back to her chair and gym bag. Willow grabbed her water bottle and quickly gulped it all down. “It was because of that boy, wasn’t it?” Willow simply shrugged with a small smile, pulling her sweatpants and jacket back on. “He’s a keeper then if he can support you in that way. Don’t get rid of this one.” Willow shook her head, glancing back at Hikaku.

    “I wasn’t planning on it,” she replied, smiling a bit.


    Later, Willow left the locker room after changing into regular clothes, carrying her gym bag over her shoulder. She had her silver, second place medal in her hand, rubbing her thumb over the engraving on it. She was suddenly tackled into a hug, though, and when she looked up all she could see was Lavi and Luana.

    “Willow! That was so good!” Lavi cheered.

    “YOU were so good!” Luana exclaimed. “You were so beautiful, you actually shut Hikaku up for the whole ninety seconds.” Willow could feel her face heat up at that before she pushed the two of them away so she could see everyone else. That’s when she noticed that a certain someone was missing.

    “Where is Hikaku?” she asked.

    “He said he’d meet you at your hotel,” Ash told her, his arm around Sanshain’s shoulders.

    “He refused to say why and he told us that none of us should go with you,” Sanshain put in.

    “Go with me? The hotel is literally right there,” Willow said, pointing at the hotel across the street.

    “Look, we don’t question his logic right now. He’s head-over-heels in love with you. You should just go now,” Jessica told her, holding Rikan’s hand.

    “The guy bolted after you had gotten your award and left to go to the locker room,” Rikan said. “I’d get going if I were you.” Willow shook her head and sighed before heading for the hotel. Dr. S and Mrs. S were standing apart from the group, listening in.

    “Should we stop her from going? Who knows what they’re going to do,” Dr. S said, not liking this idea.

    “Hikaku is a nice boy, they’re not going to do anything. Let his father worry about that,” Mrs. S said. “She’s finally happy again, let her have this.”

    Willow entered the hotel lobby and looked around for Hikaku, but she didn’t see him anywhere in the lobby. She then headed up to her floor and walked down the hallway to her room, where she saw him standing by her door with two bags of popcorn.

    “I wondered if it was you who brought me those flowers the other night,” she said as she approached.

    “What gave it away: the blank card or the fact I ran away,” Hikaku asked, moving away from her door so she could open it.

    “Bit of both. I figured it wasn’t Haru since he always delivers the flowers himself, and he would always have it known that they’re from him. So, unless I have a secret admirer, I figured it was you,” she replied, unlocking her door and popping it open, setting her gym bag inside. “What’s with the popcorn?” she asked, leaning her back against the door frame.

    “Well, I figured you probably didn’t want to go out for food since it’s 3 o’clock, so I thought we could just watch a movie in your room,” he replied, handing her a bag. “If that’s alright, that is.” Willow smiled a little at that.

    “Sure, that sounds nice,” she replied. Hikaku smiled back, seeming relieved that she was okay with the idea. They both stood in the doorway quietly, neither of them sure what they should do. Willow sighed. “Alright, since you’re not going to make the move, I will,” she said before grabbing him by the collar and pulling him into a kiss. Evidently, it surprised him since he ended up dropping his bag of popcorn onto the floor, spilling it everywhere, before he relaxed and kissed her back. When they pulled away, Hikaku took her popcorn bag from her. “Hey!” she protested. “That’s not fair.”

    “You made me drop mine, so it’s totally fair,” he replied, grinning and popping a few pieces into his mouth before going into the room. Willow glared at him.

    “You’re an idiot,” she said, kicking the pieces of popcorn that were in the hallway back into the room.

    “Yeah? Well, I’m your idiot,” he replied, flopping himself onto the bed and grabbing the remote, flipping on the TV and browsing through the channels to find a movie. Willow shook her head and stepped inside, shutting the door behind her.

    At the other end of the hall was Lavi, having secretly been watching the whole thing from the very beginning. She sighed, very content with the ending.

“Ah, young love.”


The End.

EFAR High in Valentines
Happy Valentine's Day all!!! 

I've missed Willow and Hikaku a lot, and I've always enjoyed seeing them as awkward and adorable high schoolers. Mainly for that reason: they're awkward and adorable. Anyway, enjoy the story!! (I'm going to be eating ice cream, popcorn and watching a RomCom myself tonight lol).

Hikaku, Lavi, Rikan & Genevieve: :iconclowthepinkest:
Jessica: :iconmel-maid:
Luana : :iconmoonfeather24:
Willow, Ash, Hana, Holly, Dr. S & Mrs. S: me lol

(I'll be uploading a bonus part to this story in a few days. Just a funny little scene I thought of lol)
So, basically, shits gonna go down in EFAR, and Willow may or may not join the lackeys. So, from that discussion, I thought up an outfit/uniform she would wear as a doctor (because lets be honest: just because she joins doesn't mean she'll have the stomach to kill anyone). So yeah.
A New Meeting
We recently restarted (for like the 1000th time) our role play Everything for a Reason. Willow and Hikaku's first meeting wasn't the casual "Oh hi there. I fell out of a tree and you caught me, thanks," this time. More of a "I almost just stabbed you. Who are you and why are you out here? Are you a lackey? Get away from me, I'm bad luck."

Hikaku belongs to :iconclowthepinkest:
Willow belongs to me (of course)


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